time reversal serum


Time Reversal Serum

An anti-oxidant treatment concentrated with vitamin C, A & E.   It helps to diminish fine lines, age spots, and discolorations as well as regenerate natural collagen.   Visible improvement in skin color, texture and appearance should be evident within 4-8 weeks.


針對所有延緩及預防衰老過程之皮膚使用,可於4至8星期內更生肌膚組織,促進膠原合成,保持皮膚彈性。含濃縮維他命與天然檸檬、甜橙及蜜柑精油配方,能有效阻擋自由基在細胞外破壞, 更具有還原及抑制黑色素形成的作用。

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