micro-crystal exfoliation cream


Micro-Crystal Exfoliation Cream

A homecare micro-dermabration treatment to enhance the exfoliation process, reducing pigments and age-spots.  It contains natural fruit enzymes, hydrolyzed vitamins, herbal extracts and micro-marine crystals and when use gradually will minimize pores and other skin imperfections while stimulating reproduction of healthy skin cells.


被譽為家居護理的水晶磨皮治療磨砂膏。享有與水晶磨皮機類同的效能,安全而易用,有效去除表皮老化角質層,防止毛孔閉塞。利用天然果類酵素,水溶性維他命,草本精華,及極微細海藻水晶粉末體;促使磨沙過程中, 能有效地去除色斑及老化斑點;長期使用,能收細毛孔及改善皮膚組織,促進細胞再生。

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