vita-c serum


Vita-C Serum

A concentrate of vitamin C is the main ingredient in this serum.   This serum will fight against destructive free radicals, to regain retexture, toned, and younger looking skin.  Active hydra-stabilized vitamin-C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and amino-acids from organic citrus fruit concentrates help to reduce the visible sign of photo aging damaged by ultra violet rays.

維他命C濃縮精華素 (水溶配方)

濃縮維他命C精華素,主要成份可對抗因日光而引起的變質自由基(de-structive free radicals),有效地重組細胞,使肌膚結構緊密而年輕。含量中的維他命C為穩定的L-抗壞血酸,結合從有機甘橘系果實濃縮而成的氨基酸,能延遲因紫外線而造成的日光老化現象。


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